Kaiyuan Chen

Kaiyuan Chen | UCLA


I am Kaiyuan Chen, a senior-year undergraduate student from University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA). Now I am working in Wireless Networking Group (WiNG) under supervision of Professor Songwu Lu.

My general interest is wireless networks, mobile and ubiquitous computing, cloud computing and data-intensive system design. Skilled in wireless network, mobile and ubiquitous computing, deep learning and various programming langugaes, I am an experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of working in MobIQ Technologies, Siemens and collaboration with various professors such as Professor Deanna Needell from UCLA Mathematics department.

You can find my CV(updated June 2019) here and Google Scholar


  • Oct 2019: Going to MWC, Global 5G Forum, Small business expo, SYNC Silicon Valley(lists continue to grow!)

  • Sept 2019: Going to San Francisco for Innovation-Corps Kickoff meeting!

  • Jun 2019: Decided to stay in LA for MobIQ.. Startup experience yay!

  • Mar 2019: IJCNN Paper Accepted. Going to Budapest this summer!

  • Nov 2018: New version of ClassUCLA is online, please find it in here.

  • Nov 2018: Rocommender Framework poster is accepted. Going to Baltimore early 2019.

  • August 2018: Done with UCLA Math REU 2018! Thanks, Prof. Needell.


High-performance Intelligent Wi-Fi Multicast For VR/AR Applications

Jinghao Zhao, Kaiyuan Chen, Zengwen Yuan, Songwu Lu
Preparing for IETF RFC draft, Technical Report, 2019
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Skip The Question You Don’t Know: An Embedding Space Approach

Kaiyuan Chen, Jinghao Zhao,
advised by Quanquan Gu, in International Joint Conference of Neural Networks (IJCNN), Budapest, 2019
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Skull Stripping using Confidence Segmentation Convolution Neural Network

Kaiyuan Chen, Jingyue Shen, Fabien Scalzo in
International Symposium on Visual Computing (ISVC), Las Vagas, 2018
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A Visual Analytics Approach for Equipment Condition Monitoring in Smart Factories of Process Industry

Wenchao Wu, Yixian Zheng, Kaiyuan Chen, Xiangyu Wang, Nan Cao in
IEEE PacificVis, Kope Japan, 2018
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A Framework to Recommend Treatments for Lyme Disease

Kaiyuan Chen, Rong Huang, Diyi Liu, Catherine Wahlenmayer, Jiewen Wang, Deanna Needell in
Mathematical Association of America Joint Mathematics Meetings, Kope Japan, 2018
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