DeepFix, Fixing Common C language Errors by Deep Learning

Posted by Kaiyuan Chen on October 11, 2017

DeepFix: Fixing Common C Language Errors by Deep Learning

It is essensically a multi-layered sequence-to-sequence NN.

couple of keywords

encoder-decoder framework & sequence-to-sequence problem: a basic sequence-to-sequence model has 2 rnn:

  • encdoer: process input
  • decoder: generate output sequence the encoder and decoder are trained together.

slacked gated recurrent unit energy value context vector soft alightment model


== define a fixed size pool of name construct encoding map mark the line number output: == a sequence of tokens == Sequence-to-sequence model encoder map token to a real vector(annotation) context vector: weighted sum of input sequenced annotations with normalized weight energy and weight determines importance of annotation decoder output result

Program predict iteratively to repair multiple errors

Random thoughts: different token, then after repair, it repair the same mistake over and over


mutate up to 5 state from each correct program to introduce errors


How does oracle decide

Paper to read

orignal encoder-decoder