Parsing question for Question Anwsering

Posted by Kaiyuan Chen on October 16, 2017

Parsing and Question Classification for Question Anwsering

Ulf Hermjakob

Question Treebank

There are often several text passages that contain an answer, so if the parser does not produce a sufficiently good parse tree for some of the answer sentences, there’s still a good chance that the question can be answered correctly based on other sentences containing the answer.

Parsing is highly dependent on difference between training corpus and application text. We have to expect a lower accuracy for parsing questions than for parsing declarative sentences.

QA Type(Qtarget)

it identifies type of the question as target. Our paper saves a lot of this part, because catogories like “why” takes a lot of answer types.

For example, for quantity, it is hierachical that quantity

  • energy quantity
    • spatial-quantity
      • distance
      • area
      • volume